Academic Policy Proposal Form


Contributed by Dylan Schoch

 Academic Policies Committee - Policy Subcommittee (APC-P) has developed an academic “Policy Proposal Form.”


The purpose of the form is to formalize the procedure for submitting academic proposals to the APC-P in order to make the process clearer and more accessible as well as to create a system by which the committee can track proposals.  The form is located on the provost’s website.

Completed forms should be emailed to

All proposals should refer to academic policies. The following information from the APC Policy and Procedures Manual may be helpful in understanding the types of policies addressed by the subcommittee, who may submit proposals, and the submission process.


3.5 General Duties of the Subcommittee

The mission of the APC Subcommittee on Policy is to create, maintain, and improve mechanisms for facilitating academic operations that ensure quality higher education at Ithaca College. Examples include: policies on plagiarism, student attendance, and enrollment on a pass/fail basis.

3.5.1 Submission of Issues Addressed by the Subcommittee Any faculty, staff, or student of Ithaca College may present issues for this subcommittee to consider. The issue for consideration should be presented in writing to the APC chair (via the Office of the Provost/VPAA) for consideration for inclusion as an agenda item at a subsequent meeting. The APC chair will forward the issue to the APC-P chair. The APC chair will report back to the individual or group who presented the issue with any decision about the issue.