Bodhi Rogers invited to give keynote address on Flipping the Classroom at the Project Kaleidoscope Upstate New York Regional Network Conference on October 26, 2013.


Contributed by Jill Ackerman

About Project Kaleidoscope
Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) is one of the leading advocates in the United States for what works in building and sustaining strong undergraduate programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). PKAL is an informal alliance taking responsibility for shaping undergraduate STEM learning environments that attract undergraduate students to STEM fields, inspiring them to persist and succeed by giving them personal experience with the joy of discovery and an awareness of the influence of science and technology in their world. From the work of the extensive PKAL community, resources are available that can be adapted by leaders on campuses across the country working to ensure robust STEM learning of all their students. Such efforts are a collective response to recent urgent calls to action that address their visions of a nation of learners and a nation of innovators.

Project Kaleidoscope Upstate New York Regional Network Conference on October 26, 2013. Alfred University, Alfred, New York

• Keynote on “Flipping the Classroom: AKA Using Student-centered, Active-learning Approaches” Speaker/Facilitator: Michael “Bodhi” Rogers, Associate Professor of Physics, Ithaca College

• Group discussions to share best practices and new pedagogies at area campuses

• Interactive workshop on “Using Backwards (Reverse) Design to Effectively Incorporate Learner-centered Activities in the Classroom” Facilitators: Jean A. Cardinale, Professor of Biology and Joseph Petrillo, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Alfred University

• Poster session for attendees to present new pedagogical ideas and best practices; click here for the call for abstracts.

• Brainstorm session about the future direction of PKAL-UNY.