United States Postal Service International, APO and FPO Packages Require Online Customs Forms


Contributed by Karen Serbonich

Effective immediately, the Phillips Hall Post Office and Mail Services cannot accept handwritten customs forms. The USPS requires that customs forms be completed online at the USPS web site, then printed and brought to the Phillips Hall Post Office to be signed, dated, scanned and mailed. 
There is a link on the Mail Services Home page to the USPS customs form page.
Directions on how to complete the online form can be found on the Mail Services Customs Sections sidebar.

Steps to follow:

  1. Bring your prepared package to the Phillips Hall Post Office for the actual weight.
  2. Print the directions in the attached document.
  3. Go to https://cns.usps.com/go/ShippingInformationAction_input and fill out the on line customs form, print it and bring it to the Phillips Hall Post Office with your package. 

Customers can still take a handwritten customs form to the local United States Postal Service branches because their computers allow for them to input the shipping information into their system. Our systems at the Phillips Hall Post Office and the Mail Center do not.

Contact Mail Services at 607-274-3371 with questions.