Genes the Environment and Substance Abuse: A Talk By Dr. Carolyn Sartor, Yale Medical School


Contributed by Hugh Stephenson


Yale Psychiatry Assistant Professor, Carolyn Sartor Ph.D  will present  her research on the relative roles of environment and genetics in substance abuse and the implications for intervention in the Taughannock Falls room on Monday Oct  28th at noon. 



Dr Sartor’s research has focused on a number of related areas, including the relationship between early trauma and later substance abuse in women, exploring the impact of sexual abuse on later substance abuse.  In a study of 3500 twins she has also recently delineated the relative contributions of genes and environment to the risk for alcohol abuse in African -American women and those of European descent. She found that environmental characteristics of African-American families provide a significant protection for alcohol abuse while familial environmental factors increased the risk for those of European descent.

This presentation is sponsored by the interdisciplinary Counseling Minor and the Department of Psychology

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