Center for Print Production attains Forest Stewardship Council certification


Contributed by Cynthia French

Earlier this year, the Center for Print Production committed to becoming a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified printing operation, making it one of only a few printers in New York State achieving this FSC designation.

That operation recently passed its first Chain-of-Custody audit, verifying that their newly developed procedures are in full compliance with stringent FSC rules and regulations.  FSC certification provides a credible link between responsible production of print jobs and consumption of forest products, enabling campus consumers to make printing decisions that also benefit the environment.

The most important aspect of using papers made of wood harvested from FSC certified forests is the protection of the forest itself. By specifying FSC certified paper products, you encourage responsible forest management in these ways:

You can demonstrate your department’s commitment to campus sustainability by specifying the use of FSC certified paper. Specifying these environmentally sound papers - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST – allows you to place the FSC logo on your finished printed materials, sending a powerful message to your audience that you understand and support what the Forest Stewardship Council does to protect our forest resources.  You can even specify recycled-content paper, at levels from 50% all the way up to 100% post-consumer recycled content, that is Forest Stewardship Council certified as well.

Please call the Center for Print Production at 274-3998 for more information on FSC printing and requirements for using the FSC logo on your printing jobs.