Back to Ithaca: 2pm and 8pm Performances, October 27


Contributed by Angela Branneman

 Back to Ithaca is a theatrical piece based on interviews with veterans.

Back to Ithaca is a theatrical piece based on interviews with veterans that portrays various aspects of what it is like to be a young person deciding about war, a soldier, and ultimately a veteran.  As collaborative, artistic work, students are learning through the mentorship of playwriting faculty, Saviana Stanescu, to create something with Back to Ithaca that they can show an audience and from which they can gain feedback.

Documentation has been important to the process of creating Back to Ithaca.  Anthony Toto (Research Associate) maintains a blog, the process has been noted step-by-step, elements of the production were filmed, and performances recorded.  For students and faculty creating Back to Ithaca, it was important as a workshop play that the rehearsal process run differently.  They wanted the creation of the play itself to be the focus and for the creative process to be visible. 

Back to Ithaca does not end when it closes on October 27.  It will continue in development while invitations to produce it are already coming from international performance festivals.  See it IC while you still can!

Tickets are free.  Come at least one-half hour before show time.

Back to Ithaca

The Earl McCarroll Studio 2, Dillingham Center

Sunday, October 27th @ 2PM

Sunday, October 27th @ 6PM