Student Health 101 - 10 Ways to Exude Confidence (even if you don't have it)!


Contributed by Nancy Reynolds

Submitted on behalf of Julia Herman '14, CHP Intern.

The phrase, "Fake It 'Til You Make It" may have some validity after all! Psychologists are suggesting that faking confidence at first, may actually help you feel it later. Check out these 10 tips to help "fake" confidence:

  1. Think about times in the past when you've mastered a new situation.
  2. Remember that you're likely your own harshest critic.
  3. Picture yourself succeeding, imagine how great it will feel!
  4. Refrain from negative self-talk and comparing yourself to other people.
  5. Examine your own strengths. How can they be applied here?
  6. Commit to your decisions and stand by them.
  7. Visualize the ways a confident person would behave.
  8. Be patient with yourself.
  9. Remember that confidence is very often learned, not innate. 
  10. Smile! You'll instantly feel better and be more compelling.

For more confident-boosting tips, check out this month's issue of Student Health 101!

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