Board of Trustees commends the work of faculty and the campus community


Contributed by Thomas Rochon

A highlight of the recently concluded October meeting of the Ithaca College Board of Trustees was the Board/Faculty Retreat on Educational Excellence at Ithaca College. With the ongoing implementation of IC 20/20 and this fall’s inauguration of the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC), the board determined that this would be an appropriate time to take a first hand look into our academic programs and direction.

The retreat included presentations by panels of faculty and staff members on the topics of “Challenges and Successes in Promoting Integrative Learning,” “Creating the New Integrative Core Curriculum,” and “Incorporating Disruptive Technologies into IC’s Educational Programs and Administrative Services.”

In addition each trustee attended two classes, some of which even included advance reading assignments.  This allowed them to experience first-hand the variety of pedagogies and the depth of engaged learning that takes place on our campus every day. 

The trustees reacted to this experience with enthusiasm.  They adopted the following resolution of appreciation and asked me to share it with you:

Genuine gratitude never can be adequately expressed by words, yet the Board of Trustees wishes to express its deep appreciation to the staff, faculty and administration for its collective efforts and achievement in advancing the challenging objectives of IC 20/20. Thank you all. Further, the Board wishes to acknowledge and gratefully recognize the outstanding collaboration of the entire IC faculty in bringing the ICC from concept to reality. We applaud these remarkable accomplishments and salute you with our sincere thanks. Your commitment and entrepreneurship as scholars and teachers add luster to Ithaca College’s commitment to excellence.