Important Changes to the Apple MacBook Pro Laptop and Mac Pro Tower Computers


Contributed by Irene Scott

Addendum to Michael Taves’ FY 2014-2015 Computer Related Budget Information Memo

Apple recently announced significant changes to their MacBook Pro and Mac Pro models which will impact both Technology Renewal and new purchases as noted below.

Apple MacBook Pro Computers: The new Apple laptops do not have an internal DVD drive or wired Ethernet adapter.  Apple also increased the price of the MacBook Pro from $1699 to $1899.

Apple MacPro Computers: As with the Apple laptops, the new MacPro computer does not have an internal DVD drive. Apple also increased the price of the Mac Pro from $2,299 to $2,799.

In 2008, the Mac Pro was removed as a standard Technology Renewal item. Since then, departments wishing to stay with the MacPro model are charged the difference between the cost of the current standard Apple desktop (Mac Mini) and the MacPro. With the switch to the Mac Mini last year, that difference was $1,400; however with the newly released model the difference increased to $2,000. As such the following will be in effect going forward:

As you plan your FY 14-15 budgets, you will also need to budget for DVD drives and wired Ethernet adapters, should you need them. For ease of ordering these devices we have worked with Staples Link, the college’s office supply vendor, to have a selection of monitors, webcams, and Mac-compatible DVD drives available on their ordering website. Apple Ethernet adapters are available through the Apple Store for Education. Pleas refer to the computer budget planning worksheet for cost estimates.

If you have any questions please work with Irene Scott, Coordinator of Technology Renewal and Desktop Acquisition, at 4-1467 or via email at