Ithaca Women Win! Nominate Students for Elect Her - Campus Women Win!


Contributed by Michele Lenhart

We are excited that Ithaca College will be hosting Elect Her – Campus Women Win again this year. The American Association of University Women as well as an organization called Running Start sponsors this program to encourage young women to run for student government on their campuses. This program is a 4.5 hour workshop and hopes to encourage leadership development but also to motivate young women to enter careers in politics in the future. Even though this program is centered on women running for office, it is open to all students. Specifically, we are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are looking to develop their leadership further on campus.

In order to find this type of student, we are enlisting the assistance of faculty and staff campus allies. During conference calls with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), we have learned that women may not self-identify themselves as viable candidates that could run for office.  Please help us identify passionate students that may need a push to recognize their leadership potential.

We ask that you nominate students by emailing with the student(s) name and email addresses. Please include “Elect Her” in the subject line.

Nominated students will receive an email in early December that will notify them of their nomination and urge them to apply.  If possible, please complete all nominations by November 22, 2013.

The Elect Her workshop will occur on February 22nd.  If you have any questions about the Elect Her-Campus Women Win workshop please feel free to contact the Elect Her- Campus Women Team and check out our website for continuous updates. Your help is very much appreciated.