Outlook Calendar Tip of the Week


Contributed by Tony Tabone

Marking Appointments and Meetings as "Private"

Many people share their Outlook calendar with others, giving them access to the details of their daily events.  However, sometimes you may not want to share the details of an event with others.  You can restrict the visibility of an event's details by making it "private."  

To do so when creating a new appointment or meeting, click the "private" button in the ribbon at the top of your new appointment/meeting window.  If the event already exists on your calendar, simply double-click the event to open it and click the "private" button in the ribbon at the top of your appointment/meeting window.  Now, those with access to view your calendar will simply see your event listed as "private" and will be unable to view any details, such as subject or location.

Every week, ITS provides a tip or trick for using the Outlook Calendar.  Training on Outlook Calendar is available in the Technology Learning Center (Friends Hall 101).  

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