Trumpet Prof speaks at 100th anniversary celebration of Ukraine National Academy


Contributed by Kim Dunnick

The Ukraine National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music turned 100 years old last week, and during the three-day celebration of speeches, concerts, and classes, representatives from music conservatories throughout Europe and beyond spoke during a day of speeches and praise for the Academy.  One of the speakers was Kim Dunnick, professor of music, who was invited to speak to the development and success of the brass instrument area of the Academy.  


Dunnick’s speech, titled “Brass Performance and Instruction at the Ukraine National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music:  a Western Perspective” was delivered during the morning session on Nov. 4.  On Nov. 6, he gave a trumpet masterclass for the students at the academy.



In October of 2010, Dunnick had been part of the 75-year celebration of the addition of brass instruments to the National Academy, performing a solo with the orchestra, delivering a master class, and serving as a member of the panel of judges for two brass competitions.