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Contributed by Lisa Calcasola

"Are Those Your Kids?" featuring guest speaker Renee Hettich 

Come to the event of the year this Thursday, November 14th from 5:30-7 p.m. in Textor 101!

Families are made of all different shapes, sizes - and appearances. How do you respond to questions from friends and strangers when you look different than the rest of your family? Fear not, awkward questions are now a thing of the past!

Guest speaker Renee Hettich will address these questions and more at our biggest even of the year this Thursday. Whether you're a (prospective) adoptive parent, an adoptee or simply curious to learn more about adoption, this is an event you do NOT want to miss.


Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Adoption Support and Awareness Alliance at We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.