Deb Harper Presents at the 64th Annual AUCCCD Conference


Contributed by Estela Santos-Pape

Deb Harper, Ph.D., Director of The Office of Counseling and Wellness, presented on two panels at the 64th annual conference for the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD) held in San Diego, CA in October 26-30, 2013.

The panels were entitled: “Creating Welcoming Spaces for Students Who Aren’t Clients – Yet” and “Wearing Two Hats, Speaking with Two Voices:  The Complicated Role of Counseling Center Directors on BIT Teams.”

In addition to panel presentations, Dr. Harper facilitated a discussion of current issues in college mental health services in the Schools-by-Size-Session for directors of counseling centers on campuses of 5001 – 9,000 students.

The mission of AUCCCD is to assist college/university directors in providing effective leadership and management of their centers, in accord with the professional principles and standards of Psychology, Counseling, and Higher Education.  AUCCCD promotes the awareness of college student mental health through research, education, and training provided to members, professional organizations, and the public with special attention to issues of diversity and multiculturalism.