Biomaterials, Medicine, and Health - Spring Course Offering


Contributed by Stewart Auyash

A new course will be offered in Spring 2014 entitled BIOMATERIALS, MEDICINE, AND HEALTH. Have you ever wondered what biomaterials are in and on your body and what effect they have for better or for worse? This course is an excellent opportunity for all students and especially those interested in clinical and health sciences.The course is taught by Prof. Kari Stoos-Brossard in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education.

Here is the official course description and prerequisites.

HLTH 20900 - Biomaterials, Medicine, and Health This course is designed to introduce the study of the chemical, and physical properties of materials used both on and in the human body. We will examine how materials interact with host tissues, aging properties of materials and devices, sterilization requirements, and successes and failures of implantable devices. We will also discuss both form and function of medical devices which may include: contact lenses, dental implants, intrauterine devices, joint replacement devices, pacemakers, artificial heart valves, catheters, engineered tissue, and prostheses. Prerequisites: ONE of the following: CHEM 12100, BIOL 11900, BIOL 12100, EXSS 12000, HLTH 20700, or permission of the instructor.