Student Health 101 - Sweat Out Your Stress!


Contributed by Nancy Reynolds

Submitted on behalf of Julia Herman '14, CHP Intern.

Most students feel overly stressed at some point during their college careers. One of the best things you can do to control stress is exercise. Exercising releases endorphins--the "feel-good" chemicals in your brain, and pushes out the stressful energy while allowing you to relax and feel more at ease. 

Stress can also cause trouble concentrating, anxiety and depression, and it can increase anger and irritability. By exercising, you can start defeating all of these negative emotions and come out on top! 

Don't let stress hold you back this winter! Kick stress in the butt by exercising on a regular basis, and you'll find you have more control over your troubles than you thought! 

Check out the article Sweat Out Your Stress in this month's issue of Student Health 101 and learn even more benefits of working out!


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