Help nonprofits and support student learning at the same time!


Contributed by Don Austin

Do you want to simultaneously help community nonprofits and support student learning?

The IC Student United Way acts as a link between the campus community and local organizations. Please consider donating to our fund during the current campaign. You can easily select this option from the drop-down menu on the online pledge form. 

Here is a summary of our activities this year:

·         Local nonprofits apply to us for small-scale grants. We evaluate proposals using UW community assessment data and allocate our funds where they will have the biggest impact. In the past, we gave to Challenge Industries and the Free Clinic.

·         We support the Ashoka Youth Venture program that guides high school students in creating social business.

·         Hosting our annual family carnival fundraiser in the spring. Last year we raised $1,500!

We provide students with experience in the world of nonprofits, philanthropy, and grant writing. Students break out of the campus bubble to practice civic engagement and leave a legacy in the local community.

Any small donation makes a BIG difference!

Thank you for your contribution and support,

The IC Student United Way