Environmental Studies Minor to be discontinued pending revisions to curriculum


Contributed by Carol Hansen

The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences is suspending admission to the Environmental Studies minor as of December 20, 2013. Students who are currently registered in the Environmental Studies minor will be able to complete the minor as planned. Students who submit a Registration for a Minor form to the department by December 20 will be considered for admission; after that date, the minor will no longer be available.

The department is currently undergoing a major curricular review, and anticipates making significant changes to the minor program requirements. Once those requirements have been proposed and approved through the College’s curricular process, the department will resume admission of new students to the minor. The department anticipates that this suspension will last until fall 2015.

H&S students who entered the College in Fall 2013, and are interested in developing an ICC Complementary Liberal Arts "self-designed suite" of courses related to environmental studies issues in lieu of a minor, can contact the department for guidance.

Questions about the suspension of the minor should be directed to department chair Jason Hamilton (jhamilton@ithaca.edu, 274-1439).