Student Mail During Exam Week and Winter Break


Contributed by Karen Serbonich

STOP! Have packages sent to your home address when ordering for the holidays to avoid them arriving after you have left.

During exam week, mail will be delivered to all resident hall mail boxes.

Packages that arrive during winter break with tracking numbers (UPS, DHL, FedEx and USPS) will be processed and held at the Phillips Hall Post Office. E-mail notifications will be sent notifying you of any packages that have been delivered to the College during the winter break. You may e-mail or call 607-274-3371 and provide Mail Services with forwarding instructions. Only USPS packages can be forwarded without payment. All other couriers require pre-payment to forward packages.

College Circle Residents will receive mail during winter break except when the campus is closed 12/24/13 – 01/01/14.

Out going stamped mail should be placed in the collection box between Phillips Hall and Williams Hall during the entire winter break.

All other student mail will be held at the Mail Center during winter break. It is important that you empty your mail box before you leave especially if you are changing rooms.

Call 607-274-3371 with questions.