Seats Available: Religion, Media, Apocalypse (RLST 37507) MW 4-5:15 Spring 2014


Contributed by Rachel Wagner

What is the relationship between ancient Jewish and Christian apocalypses and contemporary fascination with violence and the end times? How does media shape the way we think about ourselves in relationship to others in the twenty-first century? What does globalization have to do with current American fascination with  zombies, guns, computers, video games, and survivalism?

In this course, we will workshop materials relating to ancient religious apocalypses, then consider how contemporary apocalyptic movements and media draw on these ancient texts and transform them. The course is process-oriented, shaped by readings, discussion, media analysis, and religious studies research. Students especially interested in producing original research may have the opportunity to share their findings at an academic conference.

No experience with video games necessary. If you don’t meet the prerequisites for the course (one religion course and two humanities or social science courses) but are still interested, email me for a chat about how you may be able to take the course anyway: