Important T&P Survey


Contributed by Steven Skopik

The Faculty Handbook Amendment Committee (FHAC) has become aware that an e-mail survey link sent out to tenure track and tenured faculty has gone to some people's junk folders. Whether or not it wound up in your inbox or junk folder appears to be a matter of how aggressively you have set your spam filter.

FHAC would very much value  your input on T&P policies and procedures, and you are encouraged to take the survey. So far response has been excellent--many have filled out the survey--but we want to try to get word out to those who may not have seen the two e-mail alerts that have gone out. Please check your inbox and junk folders for an e-mail with the subject line "T&P survey deadline extended" sent on December 12th.

If you have already received communications on this topic, apologies for the repeat. We have no way to know who has or has not run into the spam filter issue. If you have any questions locating the e-mail with the link to the survey, please feel free to contact Steven Skopik, FHAC chairperson.