A Huge Thank You from the Caring and Sharing Committee!


Contributed by Michelle Rios-Dominguez

The Caring and Sharing holiday campaign is over and it was a tremendous success because of all of the wonderful contributions made by the employees and students here at IC.

Thank you so much for all of the food and gifts that were donated. We were overwhelmed by your generosity. Words cannot express the how grateful the families that you assisted are! There were tears of appreciated and joy that poured out from the recipients.

Thank you also to the Facilities Set-up and Events crew who picked up the food from numerous locations on campus. Your efforts are appreciated!

Thank you to all of the individuals, departments and student groups that "adopted" a family for the holiday. A special thanks goes to the following departments: Admission, Student Financial Services, Residential Life, Facilities Maintenance and the Campus Store.

Your contributions mean so much to the committee and to the people you help.

Thank you all so much!

The Caring and Sharing Committee:
Melinda Butler
Rosemary Cobane
Denise Duve'
Michelle Rios-Dominguez
Chris Rogers
Holley Westbrook