Staffing changes in the Office of Marketing Communications


Contributed by Rachel Reuben

To support the current and anticipated future needs of the Office of Marketing Communications and Ithaca College, I've made some adjustments to our current staffing structure that I wanted to share with the campus community.

I have combined the roles of Director of Recruitment Marketing (held by Bonny Griffith) and Director of Client Marketing Services (last held by Molly Polk and vacant since last June), to become the Director of Client and Enrollment Marketing. Bonny Griffith has assumed this position. All of the marketing communication managers will now report to Bonny, along with Kelly Stern, the recruitment marketing coordinator, and Dave Cameron, the recruitment marketing web content producer.

We will be collectively looking at our client distribution list to make some adjustments, and will update our website and notify departments accordingly.

An updated organizational chart is available on our website for your reference.