Bring your Mail to Life and Receive Postage Discounts


Contributed by Karen Serbonich

Augmented reality and QR codes are examples of mobile technology that when used on bulk mailings between February 1 and March 31st will receive a postage discount.

QR codes are a more commonplace use of mobile technology. Scan a QR code and link to a web page. Augmented reality on a mail piece allows the mailer to imbed a digital watermark that when scanned with a smartphone or tablet will show a video.

Imagine all the opportunities to reach out to prospective students, alumni or whomever your target audience may be, when you send a mail piece that they can scan with a free app and have a personal experience related to IC. . The possibilities are endless!

There are numerous web pages with augmented reality apps and live demos where you can experience this mobile technology. 

Contact Karen Serbonich with questions and for a copy of the requirements.