Challenge Yourself to be HEART Healthy in February!


Contributed by Katie Sack

February was established as American HEART Month in 1963 as a way to educate Americans about heart disease and encourage them to take steps to protect themselves against it. Once again, the Office of Human Resources is spreading awareness through HEART Healthy challenges. Throughout the month of February all faculty and staff can become HEART Healthy by participating in one or all of our challenges! Educate yourself about how to take care of your heart, learn what lifestyle changes are necessary for good heart health, and be aware of of the symptoms of heart disease.

CHALLENGE 1: I HEART Red Photo Contest: Wear red every Friday in February, take a picture of yourself or your friends wearing red (be creative), and submit it! If you wear red every Friday in support of Heart Month, your name will be submitted into a prize drawing. All photos are to be submitted to by February 28th.

Challenge 2: Open Your HEART to Learning: Attend all three of our HEART Healthy Lunch-and-Learns during the month of February! If you attend all three heart workshops, your name will be submitted into a prize drawing! Be sure to sign in at each event.

Challenge 3: Map Your HEART and Family History: Knowing your family’s health history can help you avoid both heart disease and stroke! Start with your immediate family – find out if your brothers, sisters, parents, or grandparents have had heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, or any other major health problems. Be sure to ask how old they were when they developed these issues. Click here to print the Map Your HEART & Family History form.    

Once you have completed your family health history, send your Submission Form to the Office of Human Resources or complete it online. Please do NOT send your family health history. Your submission must be received by February 28th to be entered into a prize drawing. 

Please support our campaign for HEART health by participating in these challenges, and be sure to keep an eye out for additional information, details, and reminders about Heart Month challenges and workshops!

Also check out our website: for all the challenge information and additional resources for heart awareness!