The IC Mentoring Network: Please Encourage Students to Join!


Contributed by Gretchen Van Valen

Launched in May 2013, the IC Mentoring Network now has over 1,100 student, alumni, and IC community participants -- and the number is growing every day. Mentoring occurs in the form of online discussions hosted on LinkedIn.  


Hundreds of discussions have been taking place, where students have been asking many questions and have received valuable insights and information from alumni and other IC community members as they plan for careers and life after college.




Within the IC Mentoring Network, there are 12 subgroups for focused discussions around the following topic areas:

As members of the IC community, your advice is very important to students. In addition to encouraging students to join, please also join the IC Mentoring Network yourself, if you haven't already done so. There, you can share your insights and experiences, network with other alumni and IC community members, and -- most important -- enjoy the conversation!