Buying your HP toner differently will help save your department and Ithaca College substantial money.


Contributed by Wayne French

Changing where and how you order your HP printer toner could mean substantial savings to your department. Some of the printers we are currently using on campus have an option of using a standard toner cartridge or a high capacity cartridge . Currently 37% of the cartridges being purchased are high capacity cartridges which offer higher yields, a lower cost per page, and the same print quality as the standard cartridge.

For those people who currently have HP LaserJet models P4015, and P4515 and are using the standard HP toner number CC364A, switching to the high capacity toner CC364X would save $4890.00 annually. If we are are able to convert all of the other machines on campus that will accept high yield cartridges we could see a savings of over $10,000 annually.

Also, please consider checking with the Computing Center of Ithaca, (Becky Martin, 257-3524) for additional pricing and savings.  Here are a few examples of savings:

                                                                                 Staples                 Computing Center   
    Models P4015 and P4515
           CC364A Standard Cartridge                   $150.76                        $104.14
           CC364XX High-Capacity Cartridge        $268.34                        $183.23

    Model CP4025
           Color Standard Cartridge                      $281.45                        $205.34               
           Black Standard Cartridge                      $138.61                        $113.29

    Model CP5525
           Color Standard Cartridge                      $387.59                        $285.41
           Black Standard Cartridge                      $237.49                        $175.39

Please take a minute to check your HP printer to see if it will use the high capacity cartridge for savings in your department.