Do You Know Your HEART History? Learn More Here!


Contributed by Katie Sack

Knowing your family’s health history can help you avoid both heart disease and stroke! Use the chart found here to map your family’s health history.  Start with your immediate family – find out if your brothers, sisters, parents, or grandparents have had heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, or any other major health problems. Be sure to ask how old they were when they developed these issues.

Use the following tips to get the best information:

Map Your HEART and Family History Challenge:
Once you have completed the chart, fill out the feedback form found at the bottom of our website ( or here and submit it to the Office of Human Resources. Please do NOT send your family health history form. This is for your records. Your submission must be received by February 28th to be entered into a prize drawing. 

Questions? Email Allie at and check out our FEBRUARY IS HEART MONTH website here!

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