Be a participant in IC After Dark's Dating Game event this Saturday! There will be FREE food throughout the night!


Contributed by Sara Elwell

 IC After Dark is having their annual Dating Game event this Saturday, February 8th from 8:00pm-11:00pm in IC Square. We are still accepting applications to be a contestant or bachelor/bachelorette in the game, which will be hosted by President Rochon!

If you are interested in being a participant on the Dating Game, please follow this link for the application. 

Besides the game, there is also going to be tons of food. We are going to have chocolate fondue, chicken tenders, penne with vodka sauce, whoopie pies, and tons of delicious pastries and edible candy.


Come watch your friends be asked hilarious questions by President Rochon as they play the game for a "date", and enjoy a night of delicious sweet treats!