Java News: Parnassus and HomerAdmin Users Can Now Update Java


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

Since mid-January ITS has been recommending that users not upgrade to the latest version of Java 7 (update 51) because of the problems it would cause with Parnassus (core applications), HomerAdmin, and other systems.

Parnassus and HomerAdmin have now been updated to function properly with the latest Java, so users can, with a few exceptions, safely update their Java when prompted. Certain applications such as Discoverer and other Business Intelligence tools still require an older version of Java and those users should not update at this time (affected users should already be aware of this).

Anyone who was instructed to change their Java security level to Medium in the last few weeks as a workaround for accessing Parnassus should change the setting back to High as follows:

Go to the Java Control Panel, click the Security tab, then click High. Click OK.

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