Adobe Announces End of CS6


Contributed by Craig Canfield

Adobe has announced that they will no longer sell Student & Teacher Editions of any CS6 product for personal use after the 1st of March. Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and the rest of the CS6 suite of tools will only be available as Creative Cloud editions.

Under the Student & Teacher program, Photoshop can be purchased for $349.99 (normally $999.99); Design Standard for $449.99 (normally $1,299.99); Design & Web Premium or Production Premium can be purchased for $599.99 each (normally $1,899.99 each).


The Campus Store has a limited supply of CS6 titles for perpetual ownership remaining, but when our stock is gone, it’s gone, so if you’d like to get a permanent version of Adobe software, act quickly:  after March 1st, we can no longer guarantee availability.

For the immediate future, CS6 will remain available for purchase for institutional use, but its continued availability cannot be guaranteed.

For questions regarding these changes, or about exactly what software is and/or will be available, please contact Craig Canfield, or by phone at 607-274-1147.