ITS Fix-it Friday Maintenance Window Time Change


Contributed by Beth Rugg

In an effort to minimize disruption, the ITS Fix-it Friday (FIF) system maintenance window has been changed from Friday, 4-8 pm, to Friday, 5-9 pm.

For anyone who is not familiar with FIF, it was established to provide a weekly window of time to perform necessary maintenance on computer and network systems. During this time important production systems (including e-mail, file servers, Parnassus, and others) and/or network communications may be unavailable.

ITS will post an announcement in the "System Alerts" section of the ITS home page by noon on Wednesday of each week listing those systems and services that will be down during the upcoming FIF window. 

Note that FIF maintenance does not completely eliminate the need for other system down times. More complex maintenance or emergency actions required to maintain the function or security of critical systems may extend beyond, or fall outside of, the normal FIF window.

Special Intercom notices or Helpdesk-Alert list messages may also be sent as a reminder of upcoming FIF maintenance. If you would like e-mail notification of all planned system outages and other important system status information, please click here  to subscribe to our Helpdesk-Alert e-mail list. 

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