Volunteer for Three-Day Festival, Boost Your Skills, Make History, Have a Blast!


Contributed by Maura Stephens

If you love people, theatrics, and entertainment, this gig is for you. Downtown Ithaca is getting yet another celebration: the first-ever Ithaca Fringe Festival, April 24-27. And that means opportunities for enthusiastic, energetic, fun-loving Ithaca College student volunteers to play a variety of roles, all of which will be part of making history!

Find out more at the Ithaca Fringe Festival website, "Like" us on Facebook, and contact A.J. Sage, volunteer coordinator, to learn more and sign on.

It's all happening Tuesday, April 22 to Sunday, April 27. Of course we'll schedule around your school obligations (classes always come first!). There will be a training session, too, for ticket sellers, info desk people, venue managers, tweeters/bloggers/social media posters, artist liaisons, and party hosts. It's a fringe festival. Of course there are parties. The whole thing is a party . . . revolving around theatre! And music. And art. Maybe some jugglers. Maybe some vampires . . .

You won't know if you're not there. Hope you will be! Contact A.J.