Only Two and a Half More Weeks to get your SLI Credits Completed before Spring Break!


Contributed by Samantha Stafford

Block 3 is almost over! And by almost over, there are only two and a half more weeks left! Make sure you are getting your SLI Sessions in!

If you are craving more and can’t seem to find one that suits your fancy, don’t sweat it! March 3rd is the day to look out for—that’s when we will be posting our SLI Sessions for Block 4. In the meantime, make sure you are registering on OrgSync for your sessions 48 hours in advance!


Remember, if you’ve got a spot, make sure you’re going to the session! When you register, you are taking a spot from other students who want to attend the SLI Session. If you find that you can’t make it to an event that you have registered for, and can still change your RSVP status, please change it to not attending so that your spot will open up for other students. If it’s too late, email us at to tell us that you can’t make it.