USE them, Don’t LOSE them: Reviewing Paid Time Away (PTA) Balances


Contributed by Tanisha Malone

Staff Council, in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources, would like to remind benefit-eligible staff to review Paid Time Away (PTA) balances in Parnassus Employee Self-Service. Reviewing balances now will allow ample time to plan the use of vacation time before new annual grants are applied on June 1, 2014. 

To see balances, go to Parnassus:

Self Service Time> Create Timecard and click on "Show PTA Balances”

How to submit time if you are working on a Flexible Work Arrangement schedule:

We all work very hard in our roles here at the College – but it is equally important that we take the time that is available to us to get away from work and “recharge” our batteries to come back ready for more! We are fortunate that Ithaca College identifies the importance of PTA – our current policies are very generous when we include all of the holidays, the winter break, and the allotment of vacation, sick, and personal time. Enjoy your time!

Contact the Office of Human Resources at 4-8000 or if you have further questions.

PTA Policy:

How to enter PTA, Non-Exempt Employees:

How to enter PTA, Exempt Employees:

Flexible Work Arrangement Policy and Request Form: