Stay busy March 28th! There's tons of fun activities to do at Jukebox Jive!


Contributed by Sara Elwell

 Jukebox Jive is going to feature tons of exciting activities and crafts to keep you and your friends busy all night long!

 IC After Dark's event Jukebox Jive [March 28th, 8:00pm-11:00pm in IC Square] is sure to be a good time, especially with the activities featured at the event.

To start off, there is going to be an awesome photo booth for you and your friends to dress up as pink ladies and greasers. One of our DIY crafts you can do is create a photo frame to keep the pictures you take with your friends. Our other DIY is decorating your very own cool cat-eye glasses to bring your style back to the 1950's. For those of us who want to be up and moving around, there is going to be Coca-Cola can bowling, as well as a hula hoop and limbo contest! Plus, you can partake in learning the jitterbug, and dance to other tunes on our real jukebox. And of course, an IC After Dark event wouldn't be complete without karaoke!

So make sure you tell your friends, and come out for a night of fun at Jukebox Jive!