COPS. Do You Trust Them? Why or Why Not? We Want To Know.


Contributed by Jennifer Herzog

Civic Ensemble's SAFETY PROJECT: Do you have opinions about law enforcement, either positive OR negative? Have you ever had an interaction with the police? Do you have a family member in law enforcement? Are you wary of cops? Do you have something to say about this? Join us for a free Story Circle (in Friends 306 from 6-8pm on Wed. 3/26 or Fri. 3/28) and make your voice heard!

Civic Ensemble is an Ithaca-based, civic-minded professional theatre company.

Every year, we recruit a group of folks to develop, create, and perform an original play about a topic of importance to our community.  Our next production will be about Community-Police Relationships. The first step in this community-based-playmaking process is a series of Story Circles  (You don't have to be in the play to join us at a Story Circle. You just have to be open to sharing your thoughts!)


Wednesday March 26th  &  Friday March 28th


6:00pm - 8:00pm

Please join us at one of these free Story Circles, and make your voice heard!


Q: What is a Story Circle?

A: At a Story Circle, a group of strangers meet to share their stories about a given topic in a safe space - free of interruption, judgement, or conflict. It is not a lecture or a debate. The group is asked a question about the topic of Police, and each individual will have a chance to share if they want to. You don't have to share, and you don't need to give your real name if you are uncomfortable. 

Q: I have a story I want to tell, but I can't come to either of these events. (OR: I don't feel comfortable sharing my story in front of a group.)

A: Contact IC alum Sarah K. Chalmers to share your experiences via email or to set up a private interview appointment: OR tell your story via the text box on our website.


Q: This sounds interesting, but I don't want my name attached to my views/stories.

A: You can share anonymously, or provide us with a false name. 


Q: I have opinions about the police, but no "story" to tell. What do I do?

A: Click here to take our SURVEY, and make your thoughts known! 


Q: I might want to participate in the play you're creating.

A: While it isn't mandatory for Story Circles participants, you can get involved in the Safety Project in many ways if you're interested - from performing in the play to helping with design or marketing. Click here to learn more, or contact


Q: Do I need to RSVP?

A: Nope, just show up at 6pm!


Q: I have questions...

A: Ithaca College Theatre Arts alum Sarah K. Chalmers can answer them!