Avoid Long Lines for Advance Tickets for FLEFF Films at Cinemapolis


Contributed by Patricia Zimmermann

With FLEFF and GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, Cinemapolis is swamped with long lines this week.

All ready, hundreds of tickets for individual  have been sold for FLEFF-- and the festival is not moving down there until THURSDAY.

Brett Brossard, the executive director of Cinemapolis and an IC alum, has suggested that festival goers seeking advance tickets should go to the Box Office when the films are running--not at the actual start times of the films running this week.

This way,the Cinemapolis Box Office personnel have time to help you secure your tickets. So look for when the last time is for say,the 7 p.m. showtimes...it might be 7:20...then go to secure your advance tickets with your pass at 7:30!

In other words, go to the Cinemapolis Box Office once everyone is the theaters watching the films, rather than in line waiting to buy a ticket.

It will be less hectic. That way,  the staff and you can focus more easily on your selections. And you will avoid the long lines during FLEFF!