Office of Admission makes final decisions on record applicant pool


Contributed by Eric Maguire

The Office of Admission concluded its review of a record applicant pool last week.  The College received 18,208 applications for the fall 2014 freshman class, up significantly from the 15,658 (+16.3%) applications received last year and 13,812 (+31.8%) applications received two years ago.  Not only is this year’s applicant pool larger, it also boasts impressive academic credentials and contributes to the growing diversity of our campus.


From this year’s group of talented applicants, the Office of Admission has admitted 10,455 students, or 57.4% of the applicant pool.  This does not represent a final number, as a small number of students may be admitted from the wait list.  That said, it is clear that the selectivity of the College will improve from our historic admit rate of approximately 66%.

While I believe that our application numbers reflect a growing momentum for Ithaca College, I am reminded that application numbers do not guarantee enrolled students.  Admitted students and their families are visiting the campus throughout the spring semester, culminating with our Ithaca Today program on April 12 and 13.  Each individual can play a role by welcoming our visitors to campus and demonstrating what Ithaca College has to offer. Indeed, it takes a village, or in our case a community of educators, to yield a class.  I look forward to working with you on those continued efforts.