Tonight's Africa Week Event: "Brothers Stand Up!"


Contributed by Makda Getachew Zewde

Thursday, April 3rd at 7 pm in Emerson Suite C

Africa Week continues tonight with a panel discussion entitled "Brother Stand Up!" in Emerson Suite C at 7 pm. This event is a collaboration with B4B, and will be hosted by John Rawlins from OSEMA.

The panel will address issues surrounding the black male identity. We will talk about perceptions of black men, and how they impact their experiences as they navigate through predominantly white institutions. 

The four panelists are students Cedrick Michael Simmons and Dubian Ade, as well as Dr. Sean Eversley Bradwell from the Center for the Study of Culture Race and Ethnicity, and Dr. Matt Mogekwu from the Journalism Department.

Please join us as we engage in this important conversation.

SLI Credit available: "Leading in a Diverse World"