Interested in Advertising Your Student Organization At Orientation?


Contributed by Sarah Schupp

Since not all student organizations are able to have personal representation at orientation, advertising opportunities will be focused on passive education programs in which all organizations may participate.  

This year we will be compiling poster files and videos to create a Student Organization Showcase presentation, which will be played on a large LCD screen in-between orientation programs. This presentation will include posters from past student organization events, videos and photos from student organizations, and general fliers about our student involvement opportunities.  Submit posters, photos, and youtube videos from your past events by filling out this quick Qualtrics survey.  You will be asked to upload any files you would like First-Year Experience to review for the Student Organization Showcase.

In addition, if you or your student organization has programming ideas or suggestions for orientation please visit the Student Organization Showcase Survey.  You will be asked to submit a proposal on the the same survey for First-Year Experience to review.  More information about both opportunities can be found on the survey however, if you have any questions about the Student Organization Showcase or submitting a programming proposal please contact Julia Ryan or Connor Brown at     We look forward to helping you promote your student organization at summer orientation!