Emergency Notification/Outdoor Warning System Test on Wednesday


Contributed by David Maley

A test of the Ithaca College Emergency Notification System (ENS) will take place during the noon hour this Wednesday, April 9. It will include the use of the Outdoor Warning System, which features a siren tone and a loudspeaker message. There is no need to take any action in response to the test.

This test had originally been scheduled for Feb. 5, but was postponed when a snowstorm that day caused a delayed opening of the college.

The ENS uses voice, e-mail, and text messaging to provide information and instructions in the event of a campus emergency. By default, ENS messages go to all active Ithaca College e-mail accounts and to faculty and staff office telephones that are listed in the campus directory.

It is important to have multiple ways to receive alerts in order to ensure access to essential notices, such as weather closings or delays.

Please be aware that, because of system capacities, not everyone will receive an alert message by each method at exactly the same time.

To receive alerts using all three methods, members of the campus community need to enter their contact information by going to the Emergency Notification System website and logging in using their Ithaca College Netpass username and password. It takes one full day for additions/revisions to contact information to take effect.