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Contributed by Mara Alper

If you like water in any way, shape or form, here is a class for you - Water Planet.  Enter the world of this essential element as we explore questions such as: What is your water footprint? Why is water considered 'Blue Gold'? Why is water important in many religious rituals? We will use perspectives from the arts, humanities and sciences, with a focus on the global politics of water and sustainability and its media representations. Internet readings, videos, guest lecturers and discussions link students with national and international experts.

You can do this course any time of the day online from anywhere with high-speed internet access.

May Session Online May 13 - 23   3 cr.
On HomerConnect    GCOM 20100-01  CRN 10155
Theme: Quest for Sustainability + Power & Justice/Humanities Perspective
LA HU SS   GE 1: Self & Society, GE g: Global Perspective, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
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