Host A Watch-Party For "Years Of Living Dangerously"


Contributed by Dani Novak

 Are you interested to host a show for other students at Ithaca College

of a movie that opens our eyes to what is happening w.r to the environment

This link explains it

Email Dani if you want to put the energy into it and I will help you


It’s called “Years of Living Dangerously”, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty big deal. It’s got some big stars (Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle), is being produced by James Cameron (who made Avatar and Titanic), and tells a story of planetary proportions: the story of the climate crisis. The first of nine episodes is coming out on April 13th, and the buzz is really starting to build.

This is one of those moments you want to seize, so we’re going big and launching a day of watch-parties on Sunday, April 13th. All over the country, in living rooms and libraries, we’ll gather to watch the show, join a live web-chat afterwards, and talk about where we can go from here.

To make this work, we need people like you to step up and host an event. It’s pretty easy -- the first episode is being streamed for free on YouTube (future episodes will be on Showtime), so all you need is a way to display it and a place for folks to gather and watch it.

Can you help out by hosting a local watch-party on April 13th?

Yes, I'm interested in hosting an event!

I can’t host an event, but I’d like to join one near me.