Dr. Aaron Tindall, assistant professor of tuba/euphonium, has recently released his second solo tuba album, This is My House... on the Potenza Record Label.


Contributed by Kim Dunnick

Having received great acclaim, This is My House... has received two Global Music Awards for "instrumental soloist" and "creativity/originality."

The goals of the Global Music Awards (GMA) are to celebrate independent musicians and to showcase original music, unique voices, and undiscovered and emerging artists. This prestigious international music competition brings attention to artists who are traditionally underrepresented by mass media, and are increasingly recognized by industry insiders.

The album was engineered by Associate Professor of Sound Recording Technology, Alex Perialas, adjunct faculty Mike Caporizzo, and was mastered by IC Alumnus Daniel Bacigalupi at Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN.

Ithaca College alumnus Josh Oxford composed the cover tune This is My House... as well as arranged Paul Hindemith's popular Sonata for accompaniment with his highly touted ensemble, THE OXtet. Also assisting on the CD are members of the Ithaca College Trombone Troupe, Tuba Studio, and Dr. Hal Reynolds - Professor of Trombone. 

This album displays a wide-variety of new pieces and some older favorites in a completely new way, including Hindemith's Sonata for Tuba in an arrangement like you have never heard before!

Track listing:

The Liberation of Sisyphus has received two Global Music Awards for "instrumental soloist" and "creativity/originality."    John Stevens

Tuba Concerto – Todd Goodman

These Mist Covered Mountains – Peter Meechan

Concerto for Tuba: Three Furies – James Grant

Ludus – Vaclav Nelhybel

Pure Blonde – Jon Hansen

Sonata for Bass Tuba – Paul Hindemith arr. Josh Oxford

This is My House… – Josh Oxford

More information on This is My House...can be found at: http://www.potenzamusic.com/this-is-my-house-134346.cfm