Final Exam Reminder From Student Disability Services


Contributed by Linda Uhll

This is a reminder that if you are registered with Student Disability Services and have an accommodation plan for the Spring semester, you should sign up for all final exams that you plan to take with the office as soon as possible.

You can sign up until 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 23. The office cannot accept exam requests after this date

You can accomplish this by filling out the Final Exam Request Forms in 110 Towers Concourse or by phoning your request to 607-274-1005 or 1257. Forms can also be downloaded from the website at but they must be submitted in person. 

It is very important that you note all of your test accommodations on the form; otherwise, you will only receive extended time for your exam. Due to the large number of students taking finals with the office, we can't make last minute changes.

If you need to take your exam at an alternate time for reasons related to your disability, please speak with your professor before completing the test request form. Without faculty permission, we cannot change the time of your final and you'll need to take it at the same time as your class.

You will be notified by IC email regarding where you'll be taking your exam, usually during the afternoon, the day before your test.  Make sure your inbox is not over quota!

If you have special circumstances or are having difficulty figuring out when to schedule your exams, please come to 110 Towers Concourse and someone will be available to assist you.

Thanks very much.

Student Disability Services
110 Towers Concourse
Telephone: 607-274-1005/1257