Othie: A Woman's Adaptation of Othello. This Weekend! April 12 & 13. Business 103


Contributed by Angela Branneman

Othie: A Woman's Adaptation of Othello plays Saturday and Sunday, April 12 & 13 in Business 103, 7:00p.m.  $5 suggested donation at the door.  An encore performance will be held on April 17 at the Lehman Alternative Community School Blackbox Theatre, 111 Chestnut St, Ithaca, 7:30p.m.  All proceeds go to the Woman's Opportunity Center of Ithaca.  For more information: othie2014@gmail.com

Othie: A Woman's Adaptation of Othello is a twist on Shakespeare’s classic work.  By switching the genders of Othello and Desdemona we are able to delve into the way we as a society often sexualize and vilify women in power, especially women of color.  It is the goal of the work to explore how society can prey on the insecurities of women and force them to believe untrue things about themselves and others with sometimes disastrous results.  

‪I am Woman.

‪I am Black.

‪I am Soldier.

‪I am Strong.

‪I am Vulnerable.

‪I am Othie.

Director Brittany Carey leads the team.  Ashton Muniz ’14 is assistant director.  The design of Othie: A Woman’s Adaptation of Othello was created by Tyler Hampton ’15.  Samantha Salloway ‘15 is the stage manager and Cara Frisina ‘16 is the production liaison.

The cast includes Eunice Akinola ‘17 (Othie), Roger Reed ’14 (Desmond), Nick Tranchina ’17 (Iago), Alec Nevin ‘17 (Cassio), Blaize Hall ’15 (Bianca), Gabriella Carr ’14 (Brabantia), and Taj Harvey ’15 (Mantano).

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Brittany Carey at othie2014@gmail.com. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.