Learn about a Matriarchal Culture in CHINA


Contributed by Stewart Auyash

 Yes, matriarchal cultures do exist. Learn more on Wednesday

Dr. Min Ji will be speaking at Ithaca College Wednesday, April 23rd at 7pm in Job 161. The title of her talk, "Stories from Chinese Explorations" will detail interpreting minority cultural tradition from a Mosuo Women's Perspective. She is a guest of the Honors Course, International Scholarly Conversation.


Min Ji’s presentation is mainly about the Mosuo woman and culture such as the marriage pattern, cultural pattern. They are quite different from that of the Han Chinese and also from that of any minority in China. Mosuo culture basically is women-centered, i.e. the matriarch instead of man is the head of Mosuo family and is the most respected. Her study sheds light on the current situation of some misunderstanding of Mosuo minority women and its unique tradition.


Dr. Min Ji is a professor and the former Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Sichuan Normal University, serves as a Fulbright Scholar at Northern Virginia Community College, and is also the founding director of the Center of Women’s Studies at SNU. Dr. Ji holds a Master of Arts Degree in Modern and Contemporary British and American Literature, and a doctorate in Comparative Literature & World Literatures from Sichuan University.