IndepenDANCE: Celebrating Israel Independence


Contributed by Leonard Slutsky

Every year we are proud to host Israel Independence Day celebration!

This year Ithaca College Hillel teamed up with four prominent Ithaca College DJs to throw a great party for the whole community in honor of Israel's 66th Birthday!

We will have a full concert sound system and a crazy light show full of strobes and other colored lights!

FEATURED DJs: Latimer, DAHAM, Almond, Preme

As usual we will have a lot of free food, tons of giveaways, which we don't have space to store, so ALL will needs to go!

Most importantly - we will have great people, that are excited to be together, and want to celebrate young, democratic state of Israel. Don't miss out, bring friends!

This event is free and open for public.

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodation should contact us at We ask that requests for accommodations be made ASAP.