SGA Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion Recognition and Appreciation Awards


Contributed by Dominick Recckio

 The following members of the campus community have been identified by students across campus as having been instrumental in mentoring and empowering them to feel included. Also, as allies. 

 The awards were presented as follows

ICSGA Mentorship and Empowerment Awards.

Faculty - Dr. Belisa Gonzalez, Dr. Paula Ioanide, Dr. Sean Eversley Bradwell

Staff: Luca Maurer, Michelle Lenhart, John Rawlins III

Students: Willa Erickson, Kyle James, Cedrick-Michael Simmons

Organizations/Departments: African Students Association, Asian American Alliance, Center for the Study of Culture, Race and Ethnicity, Diversity Peer Educators



Dr. Roger Richardson, Michelle Rios-Dominguez, Rory Rothman